IBRD User Information for Professionals

The International Beacon Registration Database (IBRD) is a beacon registration tool maintained by the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat. It is available at no cost for registration of Cospas-Sarsat beacons from any country or territory on Earth, provided that the respective government has not prohibited it. A usage manual can be downloaded here.

The IBRD provides a robust, reliable option for beacon registration if national Administrations (and similar agencies) are unable to maintain their own registration database, would prefer to avoid the administrative cost of maintaining their own registration database, and/or wish to ensure that registration information for their beacons is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all SAR authorities who may respond to an incident involving a registered beacon.

For entry of registration information, beacon owners are allowed to do so directly on www.406registration.com, unless the respective government has prohibited doing so (the current list of beacon registration contact information is available on the Professionals website). Governments can choose which types of beacons for which they will allow individual registration. For example, a government may require that all marine EPIRBs be registered in a national ship registry, but may allow personal locator beacons (PLBs) to be directly registered in the IBRD by owners. The government needs to formally inform the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat using the "IBRD User Account Request Template" (Pro/Documents/Document Templates/IBRD) so that the proper settings can be made in the IBRD.

If a government chooses not to allow direct registration in the IBRD by beacon owners, then there is a facility within the IBRD that allows the government to regularly upload the information from its database to the IBRD to ensure that up-to-date registration information is available to any SAR agency worldwide that may respond to an incident involving one of those beacons. Otherwise the government MUST ensure that it has a national registration contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to retrieve and report the registration information if a SAR agency in another country needs the information to prosecute a search-and-rescue effort, and MUST ensure this contact information is up-to-date on the "Contact Lists" page of the Professionals website.

To upload registration information from a national database to the IBRD, or to retrieve beacon registration information in a distress emergency, the SAR agency will require login information and a password issued by the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat. In order to acquire this access, the agency (through a duly authorized government official as explained below) should designate a national point of contact for IBRD matters, and request that the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat allocate user identifications and passwords to that point of contact.

The password and user identification request must be provided in writing to the Database Administrator (i.e., the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat) and must carry the signature of the Cospas-Sarsat or IMO or ICAO Representative of the Administration. Please see the "IBRD User Account Request Template" (Pro/Documents/Document Templates/IBRD).