Geographic Distribution of Confirmed SAR Events for which Cospas-Sarsat Data was Used

(January to December 2014)

Geogr Dist SAR 2014

Distribution of SAR Events Assisted by Cospas-Sarsat by Type of Events
(January to December 2014)


 Type of SAR Events 2014


Persons Rescued by Type of SAR Event Assisted by Cospas-Sarsat 
(January to December 2014)

Persons Rescued 2014

Number of SAR Events and Persons Rescued with the Assistance of Cospas-Sarsat Alert Data

(121.5 and 406 MHz)

(January 1994 to December 2014)

Persons Rescued 2014 bar Graph

Number of SAR Events Assisted 

by Cospas-Sarsat (January to December 2014)

Number of SAR Events 2014 Bar Graph