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The tabs above provide access to a variety of templates and forms for your use.

Cospas-Sarsat Participants wishing to submit a document to be considered at a meeting are invited to do so using the appropriate MS Word format templates below. Note that submitting your input documents using these latest templates will facilitate the final formatting of your documents by the Secretariat.

To ensure that your input papers, other documents and splinter group reports are posted in the most timely manner possible, please ensure that they are uploaded to the website using the Submit Meeting Documents tool. Documents not in Word or PDF may be uploaded using a Zip file of up to 8 MB in size. Please split up documents larger than that before uploading them.

2017 Meeting Document Submission Deadlines and Templates in MS Word Format

Click here to view completed 2016 meetings.

  • TG-1/2017 - Second-Generation Beacon Specifications 
    (28 March - 3 April)

    TG-2/2017 - MEOSAR Evolution 
    (20 - 26 June)

    • 9 May: Bulky Papers (over 10 pages)*
    • 23 May: Working Papers
    • 4 June: Response Papers
    • 4 June: Information Papers

    JC-31 - 31st Meeting of the Joint Committee 
    (16 - 27 October)

    • 1 March: 2016 Report on System Status and Operations
    • 1 April: 2017 System Level Test Results
    • 4 September: Bulky documents (over 10 pages)*
    • 8 August: New System Documents (including commissioning reports and performance evaluation reports)
    • 18 September: Change Management (recommends changes to System technology, current operations or policies; resource estimate required)
      • As outlined in section 6.5 of document C/S P.011, the change management template is to be used for input documents proposing “changes which have a significant, cost effective impact” and contain a change or changes to “elements of the Ground Segment, Space Segment, beacon specifications or beacon type approval standards by participants to the Joint Committee (JC) or specifically
        established Task Groups (TG).”

    • 18 September: Working Paper
    • 2 October: Response Paper
    • 2 October: Information Paper (no recommended actions)
    • 2 October: Revisions and addenda to timely submitted papers (with changes tracked in strikethrough, italics and left track bar)
    • Splinter Group Report Template


*Note: All bulky documents (over 10 pages) must be submitted to the Secretariat six weeks prior to the meeting start date.

See section 2.4.4 of System document C/S P.011 for more information on deadlines for submissions.

Change of Representative

Sample letter for an Administration's change of Representative to Cospas-Sarsat


Accreditation of Delegations to Meetings

Sample letters for accreditation of Heads of Delegations are available in Word format:

Council Session Sample Accreditation Letter

Other Meeting Sample Accreditation Letter


Note: Please make sure to include delegate’s full name and agency/organisation represented.

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To download a template form please click: IBRD User Account Request Form

To have access to the IBRD located at www.406registration.com, Cospas-Sarsat policy requires that an official letter be sent to the Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat to request the issuing of user accounts for accessing the IBRD. An IBRD usage manual may be downloaded here.

Please use the "IBRD User Account Request Form" provided above, to appoint a national IBRD Point of Contact. This letter must be signed by either the Cospas-Sarsat Representative, the national ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) or IMO (International Maritime Organization) representative of the Administration requesting access.

The letter should also indicate whether the Administration wishes to allow registration of beacons with their country code in the IBRD.  If so desired, beacon owners may be authorized to register their beacons directly, or via a central authority designated by the Administration. The national IBRD Point of Contact will be the resource person for all questions concerning beacon registration in the Administration (maritime (EPIRB), aviation (ELT) and personal locator beacons (PLB)).

The IBRD bulk upload software and IBRD user manual is available for you to download on www.406registration.com.




A new template has been made available to provide a MCC/SPOC Model Agreement to address the distribution and reception of Cospas-Sarsat distress alert data between Cospas-Sarsat Mission Control Centres and their supported search and rescue points of contact.

MCC/SPOC Model Agreement

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