Change of Beacon Owner Contact Information or Beacon Ownership


Properly maintaining the registration information about your beacon may make the difference between life and death. Accurate registration information about your beacon allows search-and-rescue authorities in an emergency to retrieve crucial information about you, your aircraft or vessel, and people who can provide valuable information about you (your emergency contacts).

It is the responsibility of beacon owners to ensure that the information they have supplied in a beacon registry is kept up-to-date. It is strongly recommended that you take a few minutes at least every two years to review and update your information in the registration database. This is a mandatory requirement in some countries.

If you sell, give or otherwise transfer a beacon to a new owner, you MUST update the information in the registry where your beacon has been registered to indicate this change. You also should encourage the new owner to properly register the beacon for themselves. The new owner of the beacon is required to properly register it with the information associated with the new owner and aircraft/vessel identification. Update your registration information or register a newly acquired beacon at

If a change in beacon ownership is made from an aircraft, vessel or resident of one country to an aircraft, vessel or resident of another country, in most cases the hexadecimal identification (Hex ID) electronically programmed into the beacon will need to be reprogrammed by a qualified service center to change the “country code” programmed into the Hex ID. This is important because that country code determines one of the places where authorities are alerted if you activate your beacon in a distress emergency.

Also note that when the country code of a beacon is changed, the appropriate database for registering the beacon may also change. Find out where to register your beacon with a new country code at